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Training & Development
Professional Project Management Surveying & Architectural
Services Construction Consultancy Practice.
Bara Management Services take great pride in raising the standard of performance on construction projects, with a history in teaching & training in law & contract, construction technology, Mechanical & Electrical services, sustainable construction techniques and methods to mention just a few, we have achieved great success in motivating students towards success in the construction courses. Below is a list of programs that demonstrate our commitment to the construction industry and our drive towards achieving success.

Construction Economics - Financing Construction Projects
  • Understand the basic economic factors that need to be considered when developing construction projects
  • Identify key areas were  resources are required to successfully complete a construction project
  • Learn strategies on how to plan and control construction costs
  • Produce a feasibility report for a construction project
Building Regulations & Control
  • Understand the purpose and the application of the current regulations
  • Understand how the current building regulations apply to your domestic, industrial & commercial design & construction project
  • Understand the procedures & documentation required for building regulation approval, building control officers & approved inspectors
  • Learn how to prepare a submission for building regulation approval
Estimating & Tendering for Construction Projects
  • Understand the purpose of estimating & the common techniques used to price construction work
  • Calculating the cost of materials, plant & labour for a variety of construction projects
  • Value construction projects utilising approximate quantities and costs, pre-contract development budget estimating
  • Understanding tendering techniques used and the factors that effect tenders.
Building & Construction Design Technology
  • Understand the common forms of construction for low rise and high-rise structures
  • The forms of sub-structures for low-rise and high-rise buildings
  • The forms of super-structures for low-rise and high-rise structures
  • The design process and the factors that affect the design process
  • Communication and interaction between the various members of the design team
Building Surveying In Construction
  • Understanding the processes involved in surveying buildings
  • The process in carrying out a measured, dilapidation and condition survey for low-rise and high-rise structures
  • Produce a survey report and schedule of maintenance for low-rise and high-rise structures
Planning Procedures In Construction
  • Understand the statutory framework for controlling development
  • Identify and relate the various plans, programmes and policies within which development control operate
  • Understand the functional and aesthetic requirements necessary for different types of developments
  • How to communicate effectively through reports and graphical presentation
Planning, Organising & Controlling Resources In Construction Projects
  • Understanding the roles & responsibilities and interaction between the parties involved in a construction project
  • Identifying the resources required to complete a construction project
  • How to manage & organise the resources at different stages of the construction project
  • How to produce and interpret simple bar charts, networks and schedules used for construction projects
Property Law In Construction
  • Understand the development of land law & the current system of land ownership in the United Kingdom
  • Know the rights of freeholders and their interest in landed property
  • Understand the role of Her Majesties land registry (HMLR)  and local authorities in property ownership
  • Understand the system of conveyancing in property in England and Wales
  • Know the legal relationship between landlord & Tenant and factors that cause disputes
Property Valuation In Construction
  • Learn the economics of the property market & the factors that affect the value of property
  • Identify the reasons for valuing property, the methods used to perform such valuation and the roles of the people involved
  • Understand how interest rates influence investments and valuation. Know the standard requirements for a mortgage and be-able to perform the calculations used to determine mortgage repayments
  • Understand the various procedures used to calculate the value of investments
  • Carryout valuations using comparative methods for sales and rent of residential properties & commercial buildings
Entrepreneurship & The Construction & The Building Industry
  • Entrepreneurship - taking the first step
  • Introduction to intellectual property – protecting your idea
  • Negotiation skills – getting the best deals for your product / service
  • Raising capital & doing deals –obtaining sponsorship & raising capital
  • Marketing – understanding / reaching your market
  • Finances – understanding financial management